Classical Pianist Plays Town Hall Stage

Next week, on Wednesday at 8:00 PM, the Sadie Frappenbloomer Memorial Stage at the Town Hall will be the site of a concert given by one of the most celebrated classical pianists and composers in this area.

Zingfeld Horatio Nyuug, a classical pianist for the University Of Altered States Symphony Orchestra and Mountain Climbing Club and the lead composer for the Madge Spackle Performance Society, will be honoring Beaverlick with a recital featuring some of his most well-known works.

Nyuug’s performance will include his Variations on Brahm’s Third Racket Schleptet in Eb Major, Pervimento for Rubber Dipthongs and Orchestra, and the debut performance of Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice: An Opera In One Unnatural Act. He will also be playing Fat’s Waller’s “Your Feets Too Big” but no one is sure why.

Prior to Nyuug’s recital, the ladies of the Madge Spackle Performance Society will sing a selection of songs from their soon-to-be-staged musical, “Guns, Guys, And Girdles!” because nothing can stop them from doing it and it is illegal to shoot them.

The post-concert dinner and meet-and-greet will be catered by Quintella Smirk’s Neat Meats And Sweet Stuff and afterwards, the traditional “Rolling The Out-Of-Town Visitor Down The Hill” ceremony at the Sam Milburn Memorial Hill at Beaverlick’s scenic Morris Dewberry Memorial Park.

Mr. Nyuug, it will be an honor for the town of Beaverlick to roll you down its hill!

2 thoughts on “Classical Pianist Plays Town Hall Stage

  1. This is imaginative genius.

    I am certain of two things at this moment – regarding “Brahm’s Third Racket Schleptet in Eb Major, Pervimento for Rubber Dipthongs and Orchestra”

    1. That I have a burning envy at not having conjured it up, or anything like it, ever, in my mind.

    2. That I never will.

    Have I mentioned I have, almost, as much fun reading your stuff as being in a pie fight and ‘clean up’ with beautiful naked women half of whom are redheads?

  2. You beautifully captured what we hope will be a night to remember! The entire town is looking forward to Mr. Nyuung’s performance; the salons and spas are booked solid, as he’s quite the looker (meaning he has a full set of teeth and full head of hair).
    We hope this performance cements Beaverlick’s reputation as a center for the arts, resulting in many more performances.

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