Day of Beauty, Part Two

I apologize for the delay, dear readers, but it’s taken me a few weeks to get back to normal. My day of beauty at Curl Up & Dye was quite lovely; however, not without a few consequences. The organic hair dye made from walnuts turned out beautifully, but I had squirrels practically molesting me for a week! They kept trying to nest in my hair. The deep conditioning mask for my hair made my hair shiny and smooth…and the hops in it made me feel like I tied one on for a full day after having the treatment. It was an unexpected side effect, and with no hangover!

 I was not a fan of the blow dry using coal heated bellows – little sparks flew about, and yours truly grew fearful of going up in flames at one point. Lucinda does use a conventional blow dryer for the less adventurous, which will be my choice next time I make an appointment.

The makeup made from berries and herbs were truly amazing…my lips were stained with a cherry juice, and they stayed red – really red – for five full days. Lucinda added a secret ingredient that made them plump up, and they were so full, I looked the very embodiment of “bee stung lips.” A sheer teal eye shadow she concocted from blue berries and sage was so soothing and like the lip color, it lasted a few days. All these natural products had a subtle sweet smell to them…birds fluttered around me, bees hummed gently in my ear…I felt like Snow White! All that was needed was a handsome man on a white horse…The woman is part alchemist, part witch!

I highly recommend Curl Up & Dye – I plan on booking a full array of services in the near future…once the squirrels are gone.


(Photo by Andrew Fare)


2 thoughts on “Day of Beauty, Part Two

  1. I’m always looking for a good place to Help me step up my beauty routine! The sounds like a good one for sure! I wonder though, do they give good facials? Let us know!

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