Beaverlick Events Calendar Sept/Oct

Football Game:
C J Huponahogg Junior College Fighting Boars Home Opener Football Game vs Morebuck JC Mocking Microbes

When September 26, 8 PM

Where: Bing Bammerslam Memorial Football Field

* Note: Fighting Boars Cheerleader and Stadium Vendor tryouts – September 16, 6:42 PM Bammerslam Stadium Parking Field.


The Beaverlick’s MinuteMen Home Guard Irregulars are meeting October 1, 6:30 pm at Beaverlick Expo & Sunday After Meetin’ Pancake & Grits Banquet Hall. On tap? Complimentary Boilermakers with recruiting trip to Home Guard training facilities at Shugg Mesa Cliffs, Look Out Point – just outside east of unincorporated Humper Wells

BYOG&A (Bring your own guns and ammo)

Acting Commander: Billy Ray Joe Bushface

Recruiting Officer: Knute “Stitch” Moretensnorr

Military/National Guard vets welcome.

Call: 123-048-1239   Ask for Lefty


Beaverlick OctoberZest & Beer Bash Extravaganza.
Braukampfen, Beer Baths, Hop Fights, Belching Contests, Drunk Midget Tossing, and Beer Goggles Beauty Pageant.

Where (sites):

1. Morris Dewberry Memorial Park

2. Eustis Pirkle Park by the Crick

3. Tamperweed Forest Preserve – Yogi Bear Pikinik Grounds

When: October 2 through October 26


Beaverlick Concert In The Park

Where: Eustis Pirkle Park – Houston Beulah Memorial Gazebo And Bandshell

When: October 4 – 24

Featured Scheduled Acts:

Don Rompers And The Frat Boyz All Jugs Band

Sig Ruman And The Bell Ringers Octet

Rip Ruxall And The Road Toadies

Hoakey and Sparkles

Heavy Kettle And The Shrieks

Bangin On Bar Stoolz

Just Movin’ On Up Gospel Choir

Tickets: Ticket-Me at the Small Mall In The Round

or call – 123-TICKETZ


Midnight Halloween Party

Where: Humper Wells Sleepitoff Cemetary and Plastic Flower Center

Theme: I’m So Glad You’re Gone You Rascal You

Time: 9 PM ’till no one’s left

Call: Brunhilde Copacabanka 123-581-3784


Snaplflemmer Farms Pumpkin Chunkin’ Challenge: “Where you can get drunk and not worry over shooting off a toe; just getting hit in the head by an over-ripe 3 pound pumpkin Trebuchet”, courtesy of Henrich Snaplflemmer. Bring your Halloween goblin pumpkins and un-et pumpkin pies.

Where? Tamperweed Prarie across from Tamperweed Forest Preserve

When? Saturday, November 2 (10 am to 4 pm)

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